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Testimonials for Assisted Living For Seniors

Caring For Seniors Is What We Love To Do

We believe the foundation of great care rests in the capable, committed and well-trained direct-care staff. Our staff is trained on three levels
of care and experienced in caring for Alzheimer and dementia residents.

Testimonials for Sunshine Home Care

We Care...your parent is treated like they are our parents.

Matt and I wanted to take a moment to thank you both again for the love and support you have show to us and Mom during this very diffcult time. Over the past five years, as we've come to know you, we have been comforted and strengthened by the care you have provided to all of us as we have struggled with Mom's illness. The past few weeks hav been especially hard for us all, and you've made it more manageable to deal with all the ils and issues we faced with Mom's illness and subsequent passing.

You are both truly angels, as we could not have asked for or received better care for our mother. Although it was a tough decision to bring Mom to Sunshine, neith of us ever had any reluctance or concern about the level of care you provided her. We knew seh was in a safe place. You are both very special people and sll of your residents are lucky to have you care for them. You treat them like family, and for that, we have known relief these past few years, knowing that Mom was treated with diginity, love and respect. You and the rest of the Sunshine family are to be commended for the way you care for others.

Stay strong and stay connected to your residents. It's what makes you both special at what you do. And it's what makes others know that they are in good hands.

We are forever grateful to you.
Emory & Matt Children of a former Resident

The staff were incredibly kind and helpful during the brief time my grandmother lived there. They helped her change her clothes when needed, brought her new pajamas when she ruined her old ones, and always seemed to want the best for patients. The doctors, in particular, were a huge improvement over her previous nursing home, where they often checked each patient for as little as possible before handing them needless medication; the doctors at Sunshine realized that she did not need the amount of medication she was on, and relieved her of pain due to reactions to too many enemas and pain killers. Best of all, they seemed to take their time and cared that each patient received equal treatment. While the facilities didn't seem particularly special, they were good enough and quite bright and cheery. Plenty of white walls and open windows, so the patients wouldn't become depressed. Nurses and volunteers engaged the patients in games, activities, and talk so that they would feel valued. Truly, it felt like a community, one well worth the price

AJ relative of former resident - Gaithersburg, MD

“This note is to thank you for your generous gift basket and for the excellent care you are providing my client Ms. Marguerite Ryman. I spoke to her power of attorney on Friday and was told that she is doing quite well and has recovered from some of the incapacity she suffered before moving to your excellent facility. I have been quite empressed with the work you have done and contiune to do for my clients and I will continue to recommend your facility to any client whi have even a slight intetest in relocatingto a group home. Again, thank you for your gernerosity and for yoru attentive care.”Harry B. Sewell, Jr, ESQ
Kensington, MD

The facility is very pleasant with beautiful safe backyard, long term staff members give outstanding care, Warm home like environment, activities, great meals and for the market reasonable pricing.

Relative of a current resident

The special love and care you provided Mrs. Howell was so appreciated. Thank you for this care. We, as Montgomery Hospice staff, feel privileged to have shared her care with you.

Please enjoy the Rosemary as a token of our appreciation. Rosemary is a plant of remembering. We will remember Mrs. Howell.

Your Montgomery Hospise Team,
Dr. Wilks, MD, Judi, RN, Lesleem SW, Lynn, Chaplin,
Sally, Team Leader, Terrie, Volunteer Mgr, Paula, Bereavement Counselor

Gaithersburg MD



Agness Molnar-Szilasi - A/ALM

Executive Director

John Goldberg

Program Manager/Supervisor