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Assisted Living for Seniors in Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg, Montgoemry Co, Maryland

We believe the foundation of great care rests in the capable, committed and well-trained direct-care staff. Our staff is trained on three levels
of care and experienced in caring for Alzheimer and dementia residents.

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Over 30 years of experience in assisted living care offering our residents " A Home Away from Home".

Our facility has been under the same managment and ownership since being established. Our Staff receives special training in restorative care, dementia care as well as Alzeimer's care to be able to engage the dementia residents to have empathy and high consideration towards our resident population


We are Certified for Three Levels of Care.

Certified by: State of Maryland and the Montgomery County DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND MENTAL HYGIENE OFFICE OF HEALTH CARE QUALITY for Level One, Two and Three Care, meaing that our residents never need to relocate when a higher level of services is required. We provide long term care, respite care in certain circumstances, as well as end of life care/Hospice care.


We are a Family Care progam

Our program offers a welcoming inviting atmosphere for the residents and their families that helps to be at home 'away from home'. Our residents put their own personal touch in their room with mementos, photos, pictures, their own small furniture piecesif desired. Families, friends as well as spiritual support people are always welcomed to our home. Our house pet is always welcoming and friendly, ready to play or cuddle.

Our Facility - Our Home

Assisted Living for Seniors

Our Backyard Patio & Garden

Our patio is used as long as the weather is warm and sunny. The gardens are in bloom and we hold backyard barbeques for hoildays and family entertaining throughout the summer months.

Our Family Room

Our family room is the busiest room in the house where everyone one watches TV together, reads a book or magazine, talks or shares time with a family visitor.

Our Living Room

Our livingroom is for more formal events and is filled with some rare antiques. Many times our residents will like to take their visitors to the livingroom when they want a quite place to sit and talk.

Our Dining Room

Our dining room is confortable and our meals are always served with fresh linens and flowers on the table. This makes meals a special ocassion everyday.